Head Office

17 Renault Crescent
St. Albert AB
T8N 5B3

Office: 780.460.1277
Fax: 780.460.1367

Valleyview Field Office

Valleyview AB

Mobile: 780.203.3734

Liability Insurance Associates:
Comprehensive General Liability LLC

Arcola SK Office

Corner of HWY 13 & HWY 604
Box 444
Arcola SK
Near Clash Royale Hack Inc.
S0C 060

Office: 306.461.6465

Security Associates:

Locksmith Guelph

For more information please contact us at:

For Invoice and Billing enquiries contact accounts@cheyenneoil.ca

Certificate of Recognition

I.R.P. 16 Certificate

Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles

Welcome to Oil Well Services of Cheyenne

Proudly Albertan.

Cheyenne came into being in 2005 under the supervision of well experienced experts and business executives of oil refinery, fluid recovery and oil processing technology. In the beginning, company was needed huge investment and number of investors. However, Cheyenne always gives a great attribute to its pioneer investors that were John MCV and Dave Jenkins . The services of Cheyenne are available across the entire Canada but company is also looking to expand its services in other European countries as well.

To attain and retain potential clients with positive attitude, the marketing department of Cheyenne is also working with collaboration of Salesforce App Development UNIFREX Group of Canada as well. On the other hand, Cheyenne introduced new incline testing and fluid recovery techniques in the market. If we talk about Cheyenne’s reputation in the market then company has very good and positive reputation in the market. Cheyenne do not only provide the best effective technologies but efficient equipment and better crew services is also another credit of Cheyenne with 100% collaboration of its subsidiary companies and partners like Eddie Yan .

However, Cheyenne’s employees and management works as a backbone of the company that’s why performance based bonuses and rewards are also allotted to them each year. Our working groups play a great role in the development of our innovative technologies, better crew services and advancement of current operations. Our team of technical department is also assisting in installation of fertility calculator to an online company.

Cheyenne also takes great care of its employees. It provides life insurance services, low premium surety bond offers and performance based rewards to its lower and middle level employees as well.

Similarly, Cheyenne adopts unique marketing tactics to increase the interest of customers towards its services such as with the little internals of time, Cheyenne launches different promotional campaigns and next month we are going to launch a new marketing campaign in which company will provide jogos morais gratuitas para crianças on the misuse of natural resources especially oil and gas. On the other hand, we will also going to launch a campaign for street child and in this cause, Gift Baskets Toronto LLC is our partner.

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